Freedom from schizohphrenia - Bethany Behney

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I suffered for a very long time from severe schizophrenia. I recently turned 28. My world began to unravel in college. With an incapacitated mind I was forced to quit. From the age of nineteen to twenty-four off and on I would lose and regain my life fighting for my sanity. I fought for two-and-a-half years until I was finally delivered by Jesus Christ our Messiah on July 25, 2009.

The hell I endured to freedom was no easy road. Everyone forsook me. Everyone. Including the church. There was only one that never deserted me. And that was Jesus. He held me all the way through. Even when I was hospitalised and the demons put me in a coma and was left for dead!! When I didn’t want to live anymore, God wanted me to live and refused to let me go.

Schizophrenia is a hellish thing. Only those of us who have been in its grip can truly understand one another. It cost me my livelihood and relationships. As I was searching and crying out to God for help, close friends ultimately gave up on me, of whom were “believers”. I dealt with constant misunderstandings. I faced character defamation, gossip from an entire congregation, abandonment and false judgements by those who claim they understood but were dead wrong. But I kept crying out to God. I kept pleading with Him to reveal what was happening. It is surreal to practically lose your mind overnight and now know why.

Despite the disturbance I grew close to the Lord. This of course stirred up spirits that had rights tied to my generational line. You see, schizophrenia is usually passed down the line from the sins of the father. It takes a fiery persistence to continue offering up prayers and banging on the doors of heaven until the angel tips the bowls. If you ask the Father, shall He give you a stone? Absolutely not. 

I kept banging and asking, and banging and asking until He answered and opened the door. The inferno of psyche was so unbelievably torturous it was uncanny. Quite honestly, I did not want to make it through. To be martyred would have been sweet. And I do not say that lightly.

I was on a run for my very life from Satan and his hordes. The battle to get free was so intense - medically speaking I should not be alive. But Hallelujah! We who have been adopted by the precious blood of Jesus do no not belong to the medical field – we belong to Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I am a walking miracle, dear ones!! I searched high and low for someone who cared enough to fight for me and with me. Brethren of three years deserted me and left me for dead. Literally. Then Brethren took me and prayed for me in their home the first time I met them.

For two-and-a-half-years, I stared hell in the face. I had to bite the bullet in many crippling situations and go from place to place receiving deliverance here and there because I was such a mess; people who were practising deliverance thought I must have done something so bad that they didn’t want to touch me.

I was tortured in the psychiatric units by physicians of whom I am certain were Satanists. I was locked into solitary confinement in a cold square space with nothing but a flimsy hospital frock on. However, angels were assigned from heaven and I was supernaturally delivered out of the hands of the wicked.

What got me through all of this? It’s a simple answer. I held on tightly to the robe of Jesus. Though I wanted to go to heaven, I couldn’t. It wasn’t my time. I was given a promise from God that gave me the will to live. He promised if I would just hold on He would give me a family, that which I never had – and wanted. So I refused to give up and give in to Satan and fought for it.

This is the point, dear friends. The blood of Jesus Christ is alive and powerful. It is sufficient and doesn’t need any medical tweaking. It is your only hope. Don’t give up. You know why? Because of this glorious truth and one of my favorite passages... “And having spoiled principalities and powers, He made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it!” Colossians 2:15. Oh, hallelujah! All glory to the Lamb of God who overcame the enemy and bought us back! How sweet is His victory! He is always steps ahead of our enemies plans and there is nothing He does not see. He is in total control. He sees you and your pain. He has not forgotten you. READ MORE HERE