What is "Pray Until Schizophrenia Heals" ? (PUSH)

schizophrenia-defeated-web-front cover onlyA PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER OF PUSH 

Pray Until Schizophrenia Heals (PUSH) is a compassionate Christian ministry declaring that schizophrenics can be rescued out of a “living hell” into real and lasting freedom by the love and power of Jesus Christ.

This proven and confident declaration is a crusading message of hope for anyone willing to subscribe to it wholeheartedly.

The message has not been launched in haste.  Over 30 years ago, the strong gates of bronze and the bars of iron holding my mind in bondage for 26 years were permanently snapped by the stronger power of the prevailing love of  Jesus, the eternal Son of God.

I owe my freedom today and return to normal life to Jesus, the Saviour of the world, and strongly believe that His commitment and faithfulness through the living presence of the Holy Spirit enabled me wrestle and fight and unmask this invisible enemy of schizophrenia together.  (See Romans chapter 8 verses 26-27).

PUSH exists to give hope to others struggling to get out of  bondage into freedom.   Through the power of prayer, the atmosphere of worship to a living God and firm belief in the promises of God made in the Bible, the keys for unlocking many doors of captivity are in our hands to release many enslaved lives.

My prayer is ….."Lord, duplicate my freedom in someone, and bring them out of insanity into the wonderful life you have in store, to the praise of your wonderful Name."

James Stacey 


It was not until the literal power of God's Holy Spirit had blasted wide open the prison door of bondage around my mind that I began to fully appreciate how devastating was the damage drugs had inflicted on my mind over the course of 26 long and difficult years.

Though the suffering incurred during this short eternity is something I shall never have to endure again, I am thankful God took me through the pain of it all in order to understand what every schizophrenic endures when his/her mind is bombarded with medication.

Psychiatrists and mental health advisors do not have a clue of the unending struggle a schizophrenic faces from the moment so-called palliative drugs are prescribed to the sufferer. Unable to slip inside the skin of a patient, they stand a million miles away from the toxic dump unleashed into the life of the one they are supposedly seeking to help.

When my moment of glorious freedom dawned a flood of revelation and insight of truth from Jesus filled my life regarding the bondage I had just left behind. Walking out of my prison cell I understood more about the strong bars of iron and gates of brass that had wrapped themselves around my mind for so long.

Here was the revelation!! The demonic forces that had for so long fancied their chances of finishing me off on many occasions had been given unlimited help and assistance through the paralysed hold on my mind that palliative drugs had caused. Hellish evil spirits seeing the passive state I was lulled into every time heavy, confusing drugs were unloaded into my mind, watched for my moment of weakness and their hour of opportunity to move in and overpower me.

This is not being "over the top" or "an exaggeration", but understand this inescapable fact ...every day schizophrenics the world over face this persistent dilemma of how to keep alive as drugs enslave and inactivate their wills and minds as they become a prey for invading spirits intent on destruction.

It's an uphill battle schizophrenics are fully aware of as they are progressively lulled into a fixed state of passivity through drug-taking aimed at containing their confusion and insanity.

Of course, the psychiatric world are trying to help in the only way they know - without the guidance of the greatest Healer of all, the Lord Jesus Christ - but let it be understood every time they write the prescriptions for the schizophrenic he/she is sent through a door at the other side of which demonic forces are waiting. To those professionals in mental health without knowledge of the demonic spirit-world, such mentions will be viewed as off-centre and even ludicrous, but the truth must come out and things told as they really are.

Schizophrenics are losing out every day because strong voices of invading spirits are controlling lives so powerfully since no resistance can be summoned from wills drugged up to the eyeballs as Satan and his cohorts spread spiritual darkness and death into precious lives.

Many were the times in my own life that demonic forces fancied their chances of completing their plans of destruction over me. But for the greater forces of heaven itself standing and fighting with me as the Holy Spirit became my Standby and Weapon, I would have been at the bottom of a river or met some other suicidal end through accepting the endless suggestions pressed unrelentingly into my mind to “end it all as it would soon be over.”

With Jesus, I fought many battles and unpleasant contests before He swept His freedom into my life. The issue I faced over many years was about "Should I come off my drugs?" The decision was made more difficult when two psychiatrists I came under on separate occasions contradicted each other in the advice they gave me.

Had it not have been for the correct counsel of a mature Christian worker who advised me not to come off my drugs until the Lord told me to, no doubt I may have abandoned my strict regime of turning up for injections and medication.

schizophrenia-defeated-web-front cover onlyHerein lies the dilemma for many Christian schizophrenics who come off their drugs before God REALLY tells them to. Because schizophrenia shows a confused mind, there is a problem in recognising the real voice of the Holy Spirit, and schizophrenics can abandoned their drugs ahead of God guiding them to do so.

But what a delicate balance to maintain!! Every schizophrenic has times when he/she would like to bin the drugs and be free of all the associated adverse affects, but how to conduct your affairs with all hell breaking lose in your mind each day is no small problem to face.

It's no picnic fighting the hell of schizophrenia. It's a demonic stronghold. And every sufferer needs help to come through. But the Devil's game is to wear you out bit by bit. He'll follow a relentless programme of delusion, passivity and entrenchment until he can perform his master stroke of DESTRUCTION.

It is high time for Christians armed with the compassion of Jesus to come alongside so many desperate lives who have a heart-cry to be free. I can think of no other group of people needing HELP so urgently. Mental bondage caused by the invasion of evil spirits is a condition where it can be plainly seen that "the enemy (the devil) seeks to steal, rob and destroy" on a scale unparalleled.

PUSH exists to declare a VOICE to be the world that Jesus only is the answer who can provide the only, real HOPE out of such a confused maze of insanity into a freedom which restores a normal and balanced life.

Praise God for the victory of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary!! Every demon in hell, and Satan himself was dealt a death-blow there and the power of Jesus's triumph is something every schizophrenic the world over needs to know about and embrace to set them free!!

It's high time the church woke up to this unrelenting campaign of evil that demonic forces are engaged in every day. We need to ask God for forgiveness that in one breath we have claimed that Jesus can deal with every condition known to man, yet at the same time have bypassed this big issue of setting mental captives free.

James Stacey
Over 34 years without medication ... thanks to JESUS CHRIST

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 Jesus said of Himself: 
"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." 

       John 8 verse 36     

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