The human mind is the ultimate super computer, so I suppose when it malfunctions experts would call this mental illness. Re: schizophrenia, from personal experience I can see the problem with the schizoid mind is its inability to process information logically, causing the line between reality and fantasy, fact and fiction to become blurred, or indistinguishable. Thus delusions and hallucinations are believed as true, and there can be learning difficulties besides for the schizophrenic.

Of course, demonic spirits have access to the mind and if it is not working properly they can have a field day distorting reality and inducing a psychotic state in a person that already struggles to interpret reality accurately.

The good news is that God the Creator of the human mind, knows how to fix it when it breaks down, and has the power to evict demonic spirits underlying much havoc in the same place.

Why share all this? I suppose most websites on the subject matter cover the physical angle on schizophrenia, whereas this one covers the spiritual as well... Reading both makes the levels dovetail over time into an accurate view that doesn't omit the spiritual level.

There are many reasons the Weekly Encourager is a blessing to many who suffer from schizophrenia, and why the ministry is well worth supporting in prayer etc.

Please keep up the good work.

Regards: Murray Dennett (New Zealand).

(August 2020)